Jabil Content Center

a website page, content center homepage layout
a website page, content center homepage layout
a web page, video on content center in a lightbox
a web page, video on content center in a lightbox

Overview and Objective

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the ability to access and disseminate information efficiently is paramount. Recognizing this need, we created the Content Center web application for Jabil, a robust platform designed to empower marketing, sales and enterprise employees with instant access to a wealth of company resources.

Our goal was to create a centralized hub where employees could effortlessly search, filter, locate, and download official company content, including videos, presentations, templates, and fact sheets. This would not only streamline the information-sharing process but also ensure that all materials were up-to-date and aligned with the company’s standards.

Technology and Features

The application was built using cutting-edge technologies that guarantee scalability, security, and a seamless user experience, including: Adobe XD/Figma/Photoshop for design, Magnolia Headless CMS, Java middle-tier, HTML/CSS/Javascript front-end, Vidyard Video Platform integration, Okta SSO login. Features include:

  • Centralized Repository: A single source of truth for all curated enterprise content.

  • Advanced Filtering: Customizable filters to swiftly navigate through various content types and topics.

  • Search Functionality: An intuitive search engine that delivers precise and relevant results.

  • User-Friendly Interface: A clean and straightforward design that aligns wholly to Jabil’s brand standards and enhances user experience.

  • Download Capability & Direct Link Generation: Hassle-free sharing capability via asset direct link generation and intuitive downloading options for localized assets and offline access.

The Content Center Web Application has been a huge initially success for the enterprise. It has markedly enhanced the efficiency of information retrieval processes within the enterprise. This advancement has been instrumental in fostering better-informed decision-making and nurturing a more unified corporate culture. The project witnessed remarkable adoption rates, swiftly transitioning from the initial beta phase to a comprehensive enterprise-wide launch. It garnered an impressive average engagement rate of 86%, reflecting its widespread acceptance and the value it adds to the organization’s operations.

Project Impact